Here are the Awesome Vendors of Specialized LEGO® products that attended 
Scouting for BricksTM 2016!
Bringing you the best in specialized LEGO® products.

EclipseGrafx specializes in producing custom printed minifigures and LEGO® compatible accessories. All of their products are carefully crafted and only the best make it to the storefront.
Their business and it’s name was created by 2 young boys who wanted to combine their passions: Lego® building and Axolotls. Axolotls are a unique amphibian from Mexico that is currently on the CITES Endangered Species List. A portion of our sales goes to support Axolotl research and conservation.
Bricks 4 Kidz classes provide an extraordinary atmosphere for children, where kids learn, build, and play… with LEGO® bricks. The activities are designed to trigger young children’s lively imaginations and build their self-confidence. They offer after-school enrichment classes, week-long summer camps, birthday parties, preschool classes, field trips and Kidz Night Out!
Blinky Bricks' products allow you to be creative and bring excitement to your LEGO® creations.  Blinky Bricks strives to make LED kits that are simple and easy to use for any age.  The light kits are easy to work, but it is up to you to figure out how to incorporate them into your creations.  You can add bright blue lights to your police cars or shine some light on the detail of the inside of your newest modular building.
Brixalot provides over 100,000 LEGO® bricks and DUPLO® blocks for kids of all ages to play with at Scouting For Bricks™! Toddlers even has access to more than 100 ft. of DUPLO® trains and tracks. To find out more about Brixalot's local rentals for birthday parties and more check out

Factory Fresh Bulk Bricks provide the great bulk LEGO® bricks straight out of the factory.  FFBB has everything from 2x2s to 2x10s, no matter what you need this store will be happy to help.  Visit to look through their selection.
Clone Army Customs sells custom clone troopers, battle droid parts, and weapons. The awesome weapons they carry include Vibroblades, Arc Blasters, Anti-Armor guns, and many more!
AbbieDabbles sells amazing custom building kits like an Android model, Death Star Christmas Tree Ornament, and many more! Check out their website at:
BrickCrafts sells a variety of custom kits including Christmas ornaments, long stem roses, and many more. Lots of gift ideas for mom including LEGO® earrings, necklaces, barrettes, flowers and more. BrickCrafts uses 100% genuine LEGO® elements.  Whether you are looking for a unique gift or sinply want to share your love of LEGO®, BrickCrafts offers something for everyone!
Play-Well TEKnologies teaches kids engineering through the fun of playing with LEGO® bricks. Their project-based programs build on the math and science skills that students learn throughout the school year. Visit to learn more.

Dr. W's Model Shop is a Bricklink store based in Virginia. He provides a great selection of sets and Minfigures for your shopping and viewing pleasure.  Check out his shop here:

Starbeanie's Bricks provides a huge selection of sets, Minfigures and other LEGO® products.  Along with Dr. W's Model Shop, Starbeanie's Bricks runs a Bricklink store based in Virginia.  Check his store out here:

Located in Burke, VA, Manyfigs is a Lego shop that sells Minfigures, Minifigure accessories and discontinued Lego sets in new and gently used condition.

BrickCoaster was developed to combine two of the worlds greatest inventions, LEGO® bricks and Roller Coasters.  BrickCoaster's aim is to provide custom parts and sets that enable customers to create Roller Coasters using their LEGO® toy bricks. Check out the custom roller coaster pieces here