Here are the Awesome Vendors of Specialized LEGO® products that will be at 
Scouting for BricksTM 2020!
Bringing you the best in specialized LEGO® products.
BrickCrafts sells a variety of custom kits including Christmas ornaments, long stem roses, and many more. Lots of gift ideas for mom including LEGO® earrings, necklaces, barrettes, flowers and more. BrickCrafts uses 100% genuine LEGO® elements.  Whether you are looking for a unique gift or sinply want to share your love of LEGO®, BrickCrafts offers something for everyone!
Dr. W's Model Shop is a Bricklink store based in Virginia. He provides a great selection of sets and Minfigures for your shopping and viewing pleasure.  Check out his shop here:

Classic Plastic Bricks will be joining us as a vendor this year!  Whether you need one Lego brick, one pound of Lego or one mini figure, Classic Plastic Bricks has you covered.  For more information please visit
Their business and it’s name was created by 2 young boys who wanted to combine their passions: Lego® building and Axolotls. Axolotls are a unique amphibian from Mexico that is currently on the CITES Endangered Species List. A portion of our sales goes to support Axolotl research and conservation.
Bricks Anywhere is a family owned and operated business located in Dover, Delaware.  They sell loose minifigures, small sets, and polybags. Bricks Anywhere also offers a wide range of Battle Brick, which are military themed minifigures and sets.